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Community Service Scholarship 

2022 Scholarship Information

United Way of Beaverhead County believes strongly in the power of education and works throughout the year to support every level of education from the earliest age to adulthood.  A keystone of our support is the annual commitment to award a scholarship to an outstanding graduate of each of the high schools in our service area.  

Our Community Service Scholarship recognizes high school seniors who have given back locally and globally to their community, through volunteer service.  The scholarship award is for $1,000.00 and will be sent directly to the recipient’s accredited college, trade or vocational institution of attendance, in two installments, upon verification of enrollment.

Applicants must qualify for and complete the application for their potential Scholarship in Community Service offered by United Way of Beaverhead County, during their senior year. There are no income requirements.  The scholarship application must be submitted to and received by the Guidance Office, at your respective school, by the end of the first week of May. Applications will be reviewed and a recipient selected by the  Scholarship Committee within your institution.


Minimum Qualifications

  • Must be a graduating senior of a Beaverhead County School who will attend a post-secondary institution including an accredited university, community college, trade or vocational school;

  • Must provide documented volunteer service for grades 9-12 for service through school or community-based service-learning projects, service with community organizations which can be verified by the organization, and service with a faith-based organization that is not proselytizing or that provides religious instruction;

  • Submit an essay of approximately 500 words detailing the significance of your community service experience;

  • Provide a list of community/school activities, awards and honors;

  • Submit a copy of the letter of acceptance from the post-secondary institution that you will attend;

  • Application must be typed and double-spaced.



Please note the list of services that do not qualify for this scholarship application:

  • Court ordered

  • Paid or stipend

  • Political Lobbying

  • Religious instruction

  • Worship-conducting

  • Where efforts are directed to serve only a family member(s)

  • Proselytizing (This refers to the attempt to convince someone to adopt a religious faith or political doctrine.)

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